Evangelism/ Outreach Ministry

  • Evangelism and Outreach presents opportunity to share the ministry and the gospel to others. The goal for the ministry is to offer Christ to as many people as possible. With outreach, we have not only an opportunity to present the gospel, but we also have the opportunity to serve in many capacities.

Education & Learning

  • The Education and Learning ministry at Mt. Zion exists to create a culture of disciples making disciples. The first group of Disciples were commanded by Jesus Christ to “Go and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Join us on Tuesday nights where there is something for everyone. Make it a part of your family’s weekly schedule and be sure to invite someone to come with you.

Worship and Music

  • The Worship and Music ministry is an exciting ministry at Mt. Zion that proclaims the Good News through a mixture of traditional and contemporary music. This mixture of our praise and worship team and skilled musicians makes a joyful noise unto the Lord on a weekly basis.


  • The communications ministry is an exciting ministry that works to keep the people of God up to date on all things pertaining to the ministry. Rather it’s through our website, email blast, or social media, the communication team will ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Impactful Women’s Ministry

  • The purpose of our women’s ministry is help build a welcoming environment for women of different backgrounds. This ministry produces Christian maturity and service through interaction with God, His Word, and one another. Women are enriched through small group bible studies, programs, and events that are inspiring.

Youth Ministry

  • The Youth ministry at Mt. Zion set out to build young disciples in Christ. Our youth enjoy small group sessions aka RAP sessions, movie night, opportunities with outreach and evangelism teams. The youth participate in their own Youth Sunday service as well as helping in other weekly services.

Helps Ministry

  • The Helps ministry is a practical aid and support to the vision of the Pastor and the church.  It is a gift God has set in the church to bring to pass the vision or goal given to the Pastor. This includes but not limited to Greeters, Nurses, Armor Bearer, Culinary Arts, Ushers, Transportation, and Hospitality. 

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