Our Staff

Jewett B. Jackson, Overseer
Nellie B Jackson, Church Mother/ Mother Board’s President
Bernard Jackson, Pastor

• Favorite Scripture: 1st Corinthians 15:10

• Favorite Person in the Bible: Apostle Paul

• Favorite Color: Blue

• Favoirte Food: Lasagna

• Favorite Message: “Wreckless Faith” by Overseer J. Jackson

• Favorite Gosspel Artist: Karen Clark -Sheard

• Favorite Activity: Movies with the Wife

• Favorite Television Show: Football ~ Grey’s Anatomy

Quanise Y. Jackson, First Lady/ Sunday School President, Deaconess, and Youth President

• Favorite Scripture: John 15:7

• Favorite Person in the Bible: David

• Favorite Color: Red

• Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese ~ Yams

• Favorite Message: “Flesh” by Pastor Bernard L. Jackson

• Favorite Gospel Artist: Isreal Houghton

• Favorite Activity: Date Night with the Husband

• Favorite Television Show: NCIS

Kimberley A. Fisher, Administrator/ Social Media Team Leader

• Favorite Scripture: Romans 8:28

• Favorite Person in the Bible: Esther

• Favorite Color: Royal Blue

• Favorite Food: Mexican

• Favorite Message:

• Favorite Gospel Artist: Donnie McClurkin

• Favorite Activity: Reading

• Favorite Television Show: Law & Order

Karen E. Jackson, Administrator/ Usher Board President

• Favorite Scripture ~ Ps 121:1

• Favorite person in the bible ~ JESUS ~ Apostle Paul ~ David

• Favorite color ~ Gold & Safari Green

• Favorite food ~ Shrimp ~ Crab ~ Catfish ~ Lobster ~ …….Seafood

• Favorite message ~ “Put Your Foot on It” by Overseer J. Jackson ~ “My name is Bernard Jackson and I endorse this Message” My favorite Quote by Pastor B. Jackson

• Favorite gospel artist ~ Kirk Franklin ~ Hezekiah Walker ~ Canton Spirituals ~ Mighty Galatians

• Favorite activity ~ Playing Angry Birds ~ Reading my Kindles ~

• Favorite television shows ~ Columbo ~ Matlock ~ The Bourne Trilogy ~ Madea Plays ~ In The Heat of the Night

Evangelist Fern D. Cook-Iwelunmor, Deaconess/ Choir President, Praise Team Leader

• Favorite Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

• Favorite Person in the Bible: Jesus

• Favorite Color: Black

• Favorite Food: Any Italian based pasta, ie. spaghetti, lasanga, and ravioli

• Favorite Message: Coming Out Better Not Bitter ~ by Pastor Bernad Jackson

• Favorite Gospel Artist: Judith McAllister & Isreal Houghton

• Favorite Activity: Playing Word Games or Spelling Games

• Favorite Television Show: First 48 ~ Criminal Minds ~ All CSI series ~ and NCIS

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