As a child I always struggled with very low self esteem, having low self esteem caused me to make many shameful decisions both as a teenager and as an adult. Although I was raised in the church there were times in my life that I didn't feel comfortable in the world or in the church.
When I looked around I was turning 21 years old and noticed that I didn't have any plans for my life and I started battling with depression. I was either extremely happy about my life or extremely depressed about my past. From that point on I spent most of my adult life in and out of church, taking medication for depression, and visiting a therapist when things got really bad.
In 2009 I was living in Nashville, TN and this is when I truly opened my heart and allowed God to come in and takeover. Once I made the decision to truly follow Christ the depression began to be worse than I had ever experienced. I was convinced that I was not suppose to be here mind you I was married but even his love could not help my inner demons. I wanted to go back on the medications but I struggled with being a Christian and taking anti-depression medications. In 2014 I stayed in communication with God about removing depression from my life. I am glad to say that I have not had an episode of depressions since June of 2014.
In 2007 God placed a play on my heart but because of my low self esteem I didn't think I was good enough and I struggled believing that God had given me this assignment. After seven years of struggling and having dreams about the play I had completed the manuscript of my first play.
It was not until the July 9th 2016 that I finally realized that the enemy was trying to kill me before I could complete the assignment that God was giving me even though it was not given to me until 2007 he wanted to take me out way before I could receive my assignment from God! My gospel stage play "After Sunday Morning" was a huge success not only for me but for those who knew I had it in me to pull it off. Don't get me wrong the enemy is always on the attack I have just learned how to stay on my knees.
In all that I have been through I would like to encourage someone by saying that God can deliver you from any holds that the enemy has on you and no matter what you believe God really does has a plan for your life because he had one for me and it came to pass when I was 44 years old.
In all you do trusting God will work in your favor!!!

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